Map of the Marcher Lordships at Partition of the de Clare Lands in Nov 1317

I had planned to do a post on the second part of Hugh’s rise to power 1317-1318, but midway through I realised that what I really needed to do was to make a map of all the Marcher Lordships in Wales – detailing (as far as possible) who owned what. Hopefully this should make the next posts about Gower and Gwynllwg a bit clearer! Some lordships have been left blank either because they don’t have much bearing on the political situation at this time or because so far I’ve not been able to trace the lords responsible.

Anyway – here is the first map – a great tribute to felt tip pens and pencil crayons! From it you should be able to see (if you can read my hand-written scrawl) just what lands Hugh, Audley and Damory inherited from the de Clare estate.

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3 Responses to Map of the Marcher Lordships at Partition of the de Clare Lands in Nov 1317

  1. Gabriele C. says:

    That’s a very useful map.

    That blotch of red is quite impressive, but I’m not sure it’s the largest (Bohun may have more) and I’m damn sure the blotch was not large enough for Hugh’s taste. *grin*

  2. Alianore says:

    Thanks for doing that, Lady D! It’s really helpful.

    Gabriele: I doubt any blotch, even one the size of western Europe, would have been large enough for Hugh’s taste…;)

  3. Lady D. says:

    Thanks – I found it helpful too – just in understanding the size of different Marcher holdings and their relationship to each other.

    Western Europe Alianore? No, not even that would have been a large enough empire for our Hugh!

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