Hailes Abbey Church

On the post before last, I visited the ruins of Hailes Abbey. This is the second part of that trip – the small, but beautifully decorated church that stands to the side of the abbey. It predates the abbey itself, having been consecrated in 1175, but once the larger building was finished, it served as the Capella Ante Portas (the chapel by the gate – for the use of travellers). Inside, the atmosphere is distinctly medieval (including no electricity!) – and the walls are covered in faded, but still beautiful 13th century paintings (double click on the pictures to bring them up full-size):


Possibly an owl?


More strange creatures (I wish I’d taken a close up!)


A hunting scene


These tiles were originally from the abbey and laid down in the church, presumably, after the Dissolution.


The original font


The church from the outside

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8 Responses to Hailes Abbey Church

  1. Carla says:

    What a lovely church. How did the paintings survive?

  2. The wall paintings in the medieval churches must have been absolutely stunning.So colourful and vibrant.

    Pity we can only see faint remnants today.

  3. Gabriele C. says:

    That one reminds me of some German churches like Vernawahlshausen (no, I didn't make the name up) and Bursfelde.

  4. Anerje says:

    What beautiful paintings!

    There's a medieval church that has been re-assembled in the Museum of Welsh life – and the original paintings were found 'underneath' the plastered walls. It has been fully restored, and is superb.

  5. Gabriele C. says:

    Did evil Blogger eat my comment I posted several days ago? 🙁

  6. Susan -Yes, they are beautiful, aren't they?

    Carla – usually they survive by being plastered over at some point in the church's history – then, when a bit of plaster falls off or some restoration work is undertaken – there they are!

    Clement – I know – I often try to imagine the colours and paintings that would have been when I go into any old church/cathedral/abbey.<

  7. Su_H says:

    What a beautiful place – we stopped off a couple of years ago on our way to Tewkesbury Mediaeval Festival! 🙂

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