Strange Searches

While I prepare a couple of posts on the characters of Edward II and Hugh Despenser and their relationship I thought I’d throw in a short one. When I first started this blog it was easy to see what search terms were being used by visitors to find it. They were often, shall we say, quite amusing. Of late, search engine privacy has meant that the supply of these golden nuggets has all but dried up. Now and again though, some still get through. Here they are, with my answers in italics…

women in pillories – I’d like to think they were searching for a film and somehow misheard the title, but somehow, knowing some male fantasies out there, I doubt it. 

four humours where they are instances when it is particularly appropriatebecause of course there are times when humour, of any sort, can be totally inappropriate!

hanging drawing and quartering video – because, yes of course they had video cameras in the Middle Ages.

nude hangings drawings – obviously an art student needing to study the anatomy of, er, hanging people.

hanging execution tales woman – yep, I’ve heard of her. She went from place to place telling tales of hangings. Quite good apparently – they should have made a video.

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One Response to Strange Searches

  1. Tony Wait says:

    Search details on blogs remain a constant source of amusement. Are you sure there were no videos in the Middle Ages?

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