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As I do not earn money directly from this blog, I need to find ways of indirectly monetising it – ways which potentially benefit me but do not cost you a penny extra in the process.

I also believe in being up-front with what I am doing so I am disclosing that, as well as Adsense ads, I’ve also included certain products (usually books) as links on this site so that I will earn an affiliate commission on them if you click the link and buy the product (at no extra cost to yourself). My main concern with this blog has been, and will always be, to educate and inform – but some monetisation has become necessary for me to continue with it.

Please be assured that I will only promote products/books that I myself have tried/read and found to be useful or good. At present I am only affiliated on this site with Amazon. If you have any questions regarding the above then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thankyou 🙂

Julie Frusher

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