Blog Roll

Here is a list of all of the blogs and websites I read and find interesting!

Edward II – the best blog resource around for the life (and death) of Edward II. Kathryn Warner has to be one of the foremost experts on this man in the world.

Living the History – the blog of brilliant medieval historic fiction novellist Elizabeth Chadwick (author of The Greatest Knight)

Disney’s Robin Hood – For all fans of Robin Hood, whether the folklore version or the one in films. Masses of original research and information here as well as some rare photos.

Carla Nayland Historical Fiction – historical fiction and research from all periods. Always something interesting on this blog.

Got Medieval – Probably the funniest medieval blog around!

Medieval Cookery Blog – really interesting blog about… medieval cookery!

 Medieval Crusades – lots of info about everything Crusades related.

History Refreshed – by author Susan Higginbotham. Lots of medieval posts here and some brilliant stuff on the Despenser family.

Mony Wylsum Way – Not been updated for a while but still worth a look for Ceirseach’s impressive documentary translations.

Passages To The Past – Reviews Historical Fiction.

Piers Perrot Gaveston – A little blog dedicated to Edward II’s other favourite: Piers Gaveston

Scottish Scribbles – All things Scottish – lots of Scottish history.

Su Writes Stuff – Posts about mostly medieval stuff, mostly of the Wars of the Roses period.

Tanzanite’s Shelf and Stuff – More historical book reviews.

The Lost Fort – an excellent blog with many posts about Dark Age, Roman and Medieval history – both in the Uk and in Germany and other parts of Europe.

The Misadventures of Moppet – Historical fiction reviews and more.

The Yorkist Age – The Wars of the Roses and all that.




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