Hugh Despenser

Hugh Despenser

Who Was Hugh?
Hugh’s Childhood
Hugh and Eleanor Despenser
Hugh Despenser Goes AWOL
Hugh Despenser Commits ABH
Hugh’s Rise to Power (1) – Inheritance
Llywelyn Bren – Rebel With a Cause
The Gwynllwg Incident 1317
Hugh Despenser’s Rise to Power 2 – King’s Chamberlain
Hugh Despenser the Hero 
The Gower Incident
The Troublesome Marcher Barons
The Despenser War 1321, Pt1
The Despenser War 1321, Pt2
Some Final Thoughts On the Despenser War
The First Judgement Against the Despensers August 1321
Hugh the Master of the Seas
The Great Wine Scam
Hugh Despenser and the Strange Case of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Elizabeth Comyn and the Despensers Pt 1
Elizabeth Comyn and the Despensers Pt 2
The Lady Baret Incident
Hugh Despenser’s Martial Career
Nicholas de Litlington – Hugh Despenser’s Illegitimate Son?
The Flight and Capture of Hugh Despenser and Edward II, 1326
Hugh’s Last Journey, 1326
The ‘Trial’ of Hugh Despenser the Younger
Execution Day, November 24th, 1326
In Memory…
The Hulton Skeleton – the Remains of Hugh Despenser?
A Rose by any Other Name: Despenser or de Spencer?
On Finding Strange Skeletons From the Past


Hugh Despenser’s Family

Despenser Family Tree 
Hugh Despenser the Elder
Isabella de Beauchamp – Mother
Eleanor de Clare, Lady Despenser
Philip Despenser – Brother
Aline Despenser/Burnell – Sister

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